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Broom It 2 Pack

Broom It 2 Pack

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Using BROOM IT makes so much sense because it is the easy way to clean dust and pet hair! BROOM IT reaches into cracks, corners, and crevices to thoroughly remove dust.

To clean the dust and pet hair off of BROOM IT, simply sweep the broom outside
with the cloth attached, now it is ready to use again.
BROOM IT gets the fine dust and hair without sweeping it into the air.


Less allergens everywhere!
Tight, hard to reach places are easy to clean with BROOM IT!
Baseboards, moldings, and floors
BROOM IT does it all!
When cleaning shower walls and floors BROOM IT just needs a little water and soap to do a big job!


Use BROOM IT to clean your deck, columns, gutters, and doors.
Wet or dry use BROOM IT and you’ll have a lot more time to enjoy your life.