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  • Reuseable - Clean Broom It off on your porch and throw it in the wash

  • Efficient - Our custom fabric traps dirt and dust better then anyone else

  • Fleible - Clean around chair legs, up and under cabinets, indoors and out

  • Works with your broom - Follow the easy instructions to install the Broom It on your current broom!

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Founded in 2012 by Theresa Remmey, BroomIt is the product of years of hard work designing and testing to get the fabric just right to hold in dust and dirt, while still being easy to clean and creating a way to attach the BroomIt to almost any broom in the most efficient way.

The BroomIt was designed to solve Theresa's problem of having to throw away so many one time use cleaning products and being unhappy with their performance.

In 2016 Thresa's hard work was rewarded with 2 US patents for the BroomIt.

Theresa Remmey

CEO of Wishing You Well Products INC.


All BroomIts are cut and sewn in North Carolina

I use Broom It for dry dusting and wet mopping. I have two so I get my cleaning done twice as quickly. 

Danielle Christopher
Walla Walla, WA 

Cleans Around Table and Chair Legs Like Nothing Else!

Wipe the Dust and Hair off of Your Broom It With Ease!

Hallelujah!  BROOM IT is here!  For years I have been trying to pin or rubber band a cloth over my broom that would do everything AND it was always a fiasco.  The ease of attaching BROOM IT makes cleaning everything from the ceiling to the stairs so convenient. For dust to dog hair, BROOM IT is my ‘go-to’ daily favorite for cleaning.

Patricia Bottom-Delany
Charlottesville, VA

Picks up Pet Hair Better Then Anything You Have Ever Used

Broom It Single

Perfect for cleaning your home or apartment.

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Broom It Double

Use one indoors and one out, one wet and one dry!

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Broom It Attaches to Your Broom in Four Easy Steps

Prep the surface of your broom.

Attach the supplied hook fastener.

Attach the loop fastener to one side of your broom.

Wrap the Broom It snugly around your broom and attach the other loop fasteners.