Supercharge Your Broom

It's 4:30, your guests start arriving in less than 30 minutes.

Everything is prepared for your holiday party. 

The food is out and the music is on.

All is right.

But, on no! The kids and the dogs just ran through the house, and now your floors are a mess!

Do you get the vacuum out and risk waking the baby?

Not this year! 

You have BROOM IT, your broom has been transformed into a pet hair-grabbing, dirt-removing machine. In minutes your floors are free of dirt and pet hair.

Order your BROOM IT today for your last minute and everyday cleaning needs!

I use BROOM IT for dry dusting and wet mopping. I have two so I get my cleaning done twice as quickly. 

Danielle Christopher

Walla Walla, WA 

Hallelujah! BROOM IT is here! For years I have been trying to pin or rubber band a cloth over my broom that would do everything AND it was always a fiasco. The ease of attaching BROOM IT makes cleaning everything from the ceiling to the stairs so convenient. For dust to dog hair, BROOM IT is my ‘go-to’ daily favorite for cleaning.

Patricia Bottom-Delany

Charlottesville, VA

We use BROOM IT many times before it needs to be washed.

Vivian Zelaya Berkeley, California 

Take your BROOM IT outside and give it a quick wipe on your door mat to watch the dirt and pet hair fall right off.

BROOM ITs slits are designed to make cleaning around your table and chair legs easier than ever before.

BROOM IT works great when wet, use it indoors and out to clean anything!

Nothing is Easier than BROOM IT

  • Works indoors and out
  • Wet or dry
  • Clean it off on a door mat or side walk
  • Drop in the washing machine when necessary

Use Your BROOM IT Everywhere

  • Clean your floors
  • Great around table and chair legs
  • Amazing for your tub or shower
  • Clean your deck or dock

How many BROOM ITs are right for you?

Get Your BROOM IT Single Pack 

We will deliver a new BROOM IT to your door for 14.99 with Free Shipping every 3 months so your BROOM IT is always fresh.

Feel free to cancel any time, with no obligation.

Get Your BROOM IT Double Pack 

We will deliver a double pack of new BROOM ITs to your door for 21.99 with Free Shipping every 3 months so your BROOM IT is always fresh.

Use one indoors and one out, use one wet and one dry.

Feel free to cancel any time, with no obligation.