Do you spend too much time trying to keep floors clean?

BROOM IT makes cleaning floors quick and easy and unlike one time use cleaning cloths one BROOM IT can be used for months!

Nothing Makes Cleaning Easier than BROOM IT

  • Cleans Indoors and Out
  • Grabs Dust, Dirt, and Pet Hair
  • Clean Around Table and Chair Legs
  • Wet BROOM IT and it is perfect for cleaning tubs and showers

Quit Throwing Away Cleaning Cloths After One Use

BROOM IT not only cleans better than disposable cleaning cloths, it lasts longer too!

You can use your BROOM IT every day to keep floors spotless without attaching a new cloth every time you use it. No more throw away cloths after a few minutes of cleaning.

Pull your BROOM IT out of the closet, let it grab any dust, dirt, or pet hair on your floors, then just wipe it off on your sidewalk and hang it back up.


Like Your Broom, but Better

BROOM IT simply attaches to your favorite broom to give it the power to grab dirt, dust, and pet hair.
BROOM IT doesn't stop at the floor either, it works great under counters, in the bathroom, on your deck, and even your outdoor toys like ATVs and kayaks.
Let's see any throw away cleaning cloth do that!

Go Around Table & Chair Legs

BROOM IT doesn't get stuck when you want to clean around table and chair legs, our patented slits allow it to work around obstacles, saving your time and hassle.

Leave the Dust and Dirt Outside

After your BROOM IT collects all of the dirt, dust, and pet hair from around your house, don't throw it out! Just take it outside and wipe it off on a door mat or your driveway. You can also drop your BROOM IT in the wash to keep it cleaning like new for months!


Hallelujah! BROOM IT is here! 

For years I have been trying to pin or rubber band a cloth over my broom that would do everything AND it was always a fiasco. The ease of attaching BROOM IT makes cleaning everything from the ceiling to the stairs so convenient. For dust to dog hair, BROOM IT is my ‘go-to’ daily favorite for cleaning.

Patricia Bottom-Delany

Charlottesville, VA

I can clean faster then ever!

I use BROOM IT for dry dusting and wet mopping. I have two so I get my cleaning done twice as quickly. 

Danielle Christopher

Walla Walla, WA 

I love that it picks everything up in one try, including small dust particles, and it gets in hard to reach places because it's flexible. It saves me time, and is rewarding that I can do such a good job cleaning so quickly. I love how easy it is to clean off too.

Mary Van der Liden
Greensboro, NC


Get Your BROOM IT Single Pack 

We will deliver a new BROOM IT to your door for 14.99 with Free Shipping every 3 months so your BROOM IT is always fresh.

Feel free to cancel any time, with no obligation.

*Broom is not included.

Get Your BROOM IT Double Pack 

We will deliver a double pack of new BROOM ITs to your door for 21.99 with Free Shipping every 3 months so your BROOM IT is always fresh.

Use one indoors and one out, use one wet and one dry.

Feel free to cancel any time, with no obligation.

*Broom is not included.

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