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You’ll save money by not having to buy those throwaway flat dusting floor cloths over and over again. Removing dust and pet hair off the BROOM IT cloth is a breeze. While BROOM IT is still attached to your broom, simply sweep it outside on the pavement or a plastic grass mat. Just like that, it is ready to be used again and again.

Also, use BROOM IT wet to clean your tub and shower walls fast and easy with just a touch of cleaner! It rinses great and dries quickly. Hand or machine wash. Before you know it you’ll be singing “THIS IS HOW WE BROOM IT”.


An important Tip from Theresa, the inventor

The more you use BROOM IT, especially after sweeping outside with the cloth still attached and washing it, the better it will clean and hold onto dust and pet hair!

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"BROOM IT has made my life so much easier. I can get into crevices I couldn't reach before."

Colleen Farley, Greensboro, NC

"I use Broom BROOM IT for dry dusting and wet mopping. I have two so I get my cleaning done twice as quickly. "

Danielle Christopher, Walla Walla, WA

"Hallelujah! BROOM IT is here! For years I have been trying to pin or rubber band a cloth over my broom that would do everything AND it was always a fiasco. The ease of attaching BROOM IT makes cleaning everything from the ceiling to the stairs so convenient. For dust to dog hair, BROO M IT is my ‘go-to’ daily favorite for cleaning."

Patricia Bottom-Delany, Charlottesville, VA


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